Never Say These 2 Things to a Grieving Mom

A few months after my son Bobby died, I had lunch with a few friends. I still wasn’t up to socializing, but I agreed to go anyway. One of the women said something that made me want to jump across the table and grab her by the throat. I know she meant her words asContinue reading “Never Say These 2 Things to a Grieving Mom”

Because of Grace

Cancer, suicide, drowning, car accident, murder. Every mother fears losing her child. We’re supposed to protect our children from the sharp edges of life. Don’t run in the street. Look both ways. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t hang out with that crowd. We hear about other families who face the pain of loss, and weContinue reading “Because of Grace”

Being Coached Is Hard

  I sighed with satisfaction as the latest episode of my favorite television show ended. I’d become addicted to watching it every week. It’s not that I watch a lot of TV, but this show had me hooked. It was an ongoing drama, carried on from week to week. Like a soap opera, nothing wasContinue reading “Being Coached Is Hard”

Where Are The Girls

The kidnapping of Nigerian school girls is chilling. What kind of society punishes education and the thirst for knowledge because of your sex? As I read the news articles, I couldn’t help empathize with the mothers of those young women. What cruelties are being wreaked upon their daughters? Will they die in captivity, starved, beaten,Continue reading “Where Are The Girls”

Somebody’s Son

Too many people have lost their lives in the past few months due to violence. This isn’t a blog post about the Second Amendment. Rather, it’s a reminder that for every young man or woman who used a gun or knife to kill others, there’s a mother who mourns. A mother remembers her perfect newborn,Continue reading “Somebody’s Son”

6.5 things to remember when you’re grieving

Grief will pull you down like an alligator dragging its prey underwater. Here are some things to remember when your grief is as fresh as a new wound: 1. Everyone grieves differently. There is no right way. Give yourself the room to cry, scream, or even laugh. 2. Write a letter to your friends and family,Continue reading “6.5 things to remember when you’re grieving”

Freedom lost

Every human responds differently to loss. Some are stoic, stiff-upper-lip. Others break down in weeping and gnashing of teeth. I find myself settling into a pity party of epic proportions. “Nothing is good about my life,” I lament. “I never get a break.” I’ve been caring for my 89-year old mother, who was recently releasedContinue reading “Freedom lost”

How grief affects marriages

The anger phase of grief can be deadly for relationships. I’m grateful for God’s grace that kept Mike and me in synch while we both grieved for our son. An acquaintance shared with me that she and her husband divorced as a result of their child’s death. Her husband couldn’t express his grief, and refusedContinue reading “How grief affects marriages”