Unlikeable People

There are some people who you instantly connect with as soon as you meet. Sometimes you feel like you’ve know them forever. There’s an instant bond forged. Then there are others who you meet and there is a disconnect. Sometimes it’s even an active dislike. You hear them talk and you want to turn awayContinue reading “Unlikeable People”

Some things are so difficult!

Writing is hard. Editing is harder. How to “see” the story from 10,000 feet when I’m immersed in my characters’ lives? I think their lives are fascinating, but will anyone else? When I was learning to speak Spanish, I had to learn the rules: Masculine words end in O Feminine words end in A VerbsContinue reading “Some things are so difficult!”

Do You Have A “Steve” In Your Life?

There is a homeless guy who hangs around our local grocery store. My husband has on occasion given him five dollars or a McDonald’s gift card. But lately, he’s been engaging him in conversation. He’s discovered that his name is “Steve.” He’s been homelss for awhile and he prefers it that way. One day MikeContinue reading “Do You Have A “Steve” In Your Life?”

Unfinished Business

Have you ever taken on a project that started out being fun, but began to drag on and on? Somewhere in the middle you got bogged down, either because it was harder than you expected, or other commitments made you want to just get it done. That’s how my Bobby scrapbook is. I started itContinue reading “Unfinished Business”