The Voice

Am I the only woman in America who isn’t either crushing on Blake Shelton or addicted to The Voice?VOX-Oculus
What if there was a bigger voice, one that can’t be heard by human ears, only the human spirit?
I asked my critique buddies if they’d ever heard God’s voice. Had God ever talked to them? One friend said she’d once heard an angel’s voice, warning her to run away from a scary situation. The others agreed they hadn’t heard God audibly.
I know I’ve heard God speak to me, and sometimes it sounds like my own voice. Other times it’s words in my mind, but I know that I know it isn’t me, especially when it’s telling me something I don’t want to hear.
Jane, you need to stop watching that show. Jane, you should apologize to that person for what you said.

Jane, stop gossiping and trashing that person’s reputation.

That’s the Voice (capital V). Sometimes The Voice brings a word of encouragement. Last week, it said this: Your son Bobby isn’t dead. He’s alive, and he’s with Me.
I think I kind of like that Voice.
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Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

2 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. I know that Voice you are talking about Jane. Back in 1997, I know the Voice was God telling me to not go on a choir trip to Texas. The choir trip that your Heather went on. I know I didn’t go on that because God opened the door for me to work at Old Navy. Also back in August 1999, I KNOW the Holy Spirit kept insisting that still, small voice to me to end a relationship I was in. I obeyed God and broke up with the guy. He was in tears as I was talking to him explaining why I was breaking up with him. God knows what He is doing, for the afore mentioned boyfriend wasn’t there for me as a friend in the past 15 years of my recovery and rehabilitation from the car accident. That still small voice that I know is the Holy Spirit. Some call it your conscience but I know it to be the best Voice of all: God Himself!

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