Somebody’s Son

Too many people have lost their lives in the past few months due to violence. This isn’t a blog post about the Second Amendment. Rather, it’s a reminder that for every young man or woman who used a gun or knife to kill others, there’s a mother who mourns.

A mother remembers her perfect newborn, chubby toddler, hopeful kindergartener. She looks back and wonders what she could have done differently so the outcome of her son’s life would be different.

They call him a monster, a murderer, a demon-possessed pawn of Satan. He called her mommy. They search for someone to blame. Was he bullied? Abused? Eventually the fingers point to her. If she’d been a better parent, he wouldn’t have bought a gun and hunted his perceived enemies like prey.

So she grieves his life and death by his own hand. She mourns what could have been. She’ll regret the choices she’s made. And she’ll miss him every day of her life.

Published by mygoldenchild

Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

2 thoughts on “Somebody’s Son

  1. And sometimes a mother kills, or attempts to kill, her children. Some woman drowned some of her kids the other day in a bathtub I read.

    No doubt about it there are plenty of tragedies in the world. The good news though is that crime and homicides today are about half what they were in the 1990s in America.

    “Eventually the fingers point to her.”

    A large percentage of kids who kill come from single parent families headed by women I think. In reality a lot of them live in our inner cities where social policies for the last half century half worked to destroy a two parent family.

    “This isn’t a blog post about the Second Amendment.”

    The real problems are social problems. If don’t solve them then banning a few guns won’t do much good. Just my view.



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