When I am Old

More than a few years ago, there was a poem titled “When I Am Old, I Shall Wear Purple.” As someone who is no longer young, and not yet old, I’m thinking about the person I want to be when my mind fades and my body breaks down. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

When I’m old, I won’t be cranky.

I’ll keep smiling in spite of my circumstances.

I won’t complain about my health or aches and pains.

I’ll respect the feelings of those around me.

I’ll be friendly to strangers and try to make new friends as my old friends pass away.

I’ll suffer the indignity of loss of independence with grace.

I won’t worry about, nor try to control my future.

I will keep my sense of humor.

I will be the old woman everyone wants to be around.

What about you? Would you add anything to the list, or take anything away?

I’m convinced that cheerfulness, not happiness, not joy, is a decision.

Published by mygoldenchild

Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

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