6.5 things to remember when you’re grieving


Grief will pull you down like an alligator dragging its prey underwater. Here are some things to remember when your grief is as fresh as a new wound:

1. Everyone grieves differently. There is no right way. Give yourself the room to cry, scream, or even laugh.

2. Write a letter to your friends and family, explaining what you’re going through. Ask for their support and understanding. For an example of I letter I sent, let me know and I’ll email it to you.

3. Take a break from grief. When your sorrow is new, it’s overwhelming in its intensity. Give yourself permission to not grieve for a few hours.

4. Rely on your friends and family. Tell them what you need, whether it’s a meal or two, someone to clean your house, or just a shoulder to cry on.

5. Get enough sleep. Your brain feels fuzzy enough. Don’t add sleepiness to the mix.

6. Focus on what you’re doing – be in the moment. It’s easy to be so overwhelmed that you can’t concentrate.

6.5 Remember, you will get through this.


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Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

2 thoughts on “6.5 things to remember when you’re grieving

  1. Awesome advice above! One suggestion – journal your grief journey. Press hard into God. It will amaze you when you read it years later, how God provided your needs and strengthen your faith walk.

  2. You’re absolutely right. I have two journals filled with words, poured out during the darkest of times. I turned it into a book, which will be released in January of next year. Thanks for your comment.

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