My baby is cuter than yours

Nothing prepares a mother for her child’s passing. A mother carries the baby inside her for nine months. He’s part of her. He shares her food, her air. He feels his mother’s emotions, hears her voice. They’re connected by something greater than the slim tether of umbilical cord.

Love at first sight becomes more than a romantic ideal. From the moment her baby is born, he’s the sole object of her adoration. He’s perfect, beautiful. He’ll be the smartest, cutest, best baby ever born.

We reflect God in that we have created a person solely dependent upon us for everything. We get a glimpse of God’s great love. We better understand God’s sacrificial love for us as we sacrifice for our child. We have a firmer grasp of God’s providential care as we provide for our children’s needs.

As our baby grows, a mother is his world. When he cries, he wants his mother. When she’s hungry, she needs her mother. How many times have you seen a child fall and scrape his knee? The first thing he says is “I want my mommy!”

We foresee a bright, shiny future for our children. We want for them everything that’s been denied to us. The opportunities we’ve let slip by, we grasp onto for our child.

Everything changes when he is snatched away.                                                                    

Like a head-on collision, the world stops in an instant. We’re initiated into a club whose membership we never asked for. There’s a hole in us that can’t be filled. “You have other children,” we’re told. As if he can be replaced. That’s like telling an amputee, “You have another leg. What’s the problem?”

We start the process of grief and we either work through it, or it works on us. Trying to hold it at bay is like trying to stand firm on a beach during a tsunami. When the tsunami warning sounds, we must seek the highest ground, climb to the top of a mountain. Working through the process of grief is like that climb from the valley floor to the high point of hope through Christ. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…” Death is only a shadow to the believer, and our life a vapor. Believer, take courage that you will see your beloved child again. God gave His Son so that you could be with your son or daughter for all eternity.

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Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

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