Everything Changed When…

Everything changed when…

  • I got married
  • We had our first child
  • My husband lost his job
  • Our son was diagnosed with cancer

Can you think of a moment when your life changed, for better or worse? Was it a diagnosis, an accident, a miracle? I can point to places in my life, decisions that I’ve made, that have altered my course. Moments I look back on and think, that’s when everything changed. Sometimes I struggle with the “why” question. I look around and it seems that other people get the good stuff and I’m stuck with the bad.

If I stay there, in that place, I become a victim to the circumstance. I wallow there, like a hog in a mud hole.

BUT, I can say, “Everything changed….when I decided NOT to let the circumstances define me or my life.”

What are your life-changing moments, and how did you react?

Published by mygoldenchild

Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

One thought on “Everything Changed When…

  1. Everything changed when I accepted Jesus as my Savior at fourteen because even though it took about ten more years to ask him to be the Lord of my life, at that point I knew that God was real and wanted to have a relationship with me. Everything changed when I went to college (first in my family) because a world of new ideas and possibilities opened up for me and not just because I met my future husband there and moved to Canada for several years. And, lastly, everything changed when we had our first and then two more babies because I learned so much about unselfish love which also taught me more about how God loves his people.

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