You Know You’re a Writer When…

Almost everyone you meet, when you tell them you’re writing a book, will answer, “I have a great idea for a book!” Or they’ll tell you that they’re going to write a book someday. The majority of them will never actually sit down and (metaphorically) put pen to paper.For the rest of us, we who hunch over our computers at all hours, eschewing a social life, this is for you.

You know you’re a writer when:

Someone tells you about an experience they’ve had and you think, How can I use this in my book?

You have a crazy dream, and you write it down so that one of your characters has the same dream.

You’re on vacation in some exotic locale, yet you spend hours on your laptop, pounding out your daily word count.

You’re relieved when your family goes somewhere without you so you can (finally) be home alone to write without distraction.

Does this sound like you? Then you, my dear, are a writer. Wear it, own it, be it.

–More next time.

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3 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer When…

  1. Yes to all your perfect examples of the writer’s life. A few more I can think of: you buy yet another book on writing craft though your bookshelves carry more than any bookstore except Amazon.

    You think of your protagonist and the wonderful things you can make happen to her as you go about your day: drive the car, prepare dinner, and before you fall asleep because you know her so intimately she almost comes alive.

    You go to as many writing conferences as you can carve out the time to on your calendar (and in your checking account), knowing you’ll learn and grow as a writer, meet new friends, and pick up some resources to further glean from for months to come.

    Isn’t it fun?

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