Some things are so difficult!

Writing is hard. Editing is harder. How to “see” the story from 10,000 feet when I’m immersed in my characters’ lives? I think their lives are fascinating, but will anyone else?
When I was learning to speak Spanish, I had to learn the rules:
Masculine words end in O
Feminine words end in A
Verbs are conjugated according to whether they are AR ending or ER ending
Sentence structure follows a rule.
Writing is the same:
Each chapter should begin and end with a cliff hanger
Characters should have clear goals
Conflict should intensify
Show — don’t tell
Keep the same point of view throughout the section
Learning to put all the rules into practice is like speaking Spanish as a beginner. First you sound like a five-year-old. Then you progress until you’re comfortable holding a conversation.
At first, your writing stinks. You’re all over the place. Point of view changes, you include way too much information. Then you learn to cut, edit and (hopefully) write more effortlessly with fewer re-writes.

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Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

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