Do You Have A “Steve” In Your Life?

There is a homeless guy who hangs around our local grocery store. My husband has on occasion given him five dollars or a McDonald’s gift card. But lately, he’s been engaging him in conversation. He’s discovered that his name is “Steve.” He’s been homelss for awhile and he prefers it that way.
One day Mike came home and announced that he had asked if “Steve” wanted to come over and get cleaned up at our house. Use the shower, etc. My first reaction was, “Oh, no!” Thankfully, “Steve” said that he didn’t have time that day because he had to get across town to meet some friends. I was relieved. Then I was ashamed that I was relieved.
I would much rather hand the guy a five and be done with it. Having him in my home might mean that I would have to make a personal investment in his life. That would be very inconvenient for me. Do you have a “Steve” in your life?

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Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

One thought on “Do You Have A “Steve” In Your Life?

  1. I do have a Steve in my life. He used to scare the customers off from my store and scare one of my clerks. He wasn’t violent, but he has spells of drinking. One day he came in and was out of it. I walked up to him and before I reached him he said, “Just call me the sheriff.” So I actually called 911 and he ended up in the ER, dehydrated etc. I have no idea what his real name is but to myself I call him the sheriff and always speak to him if I see him around town.

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