Not again!

We had a white cat who liked to sit on Mike’s lap. Especially when he was wearing black pants. It drove Mike crazy. Amos would sit on the floor by Mike’s side, and would try to jump in his lap while Mike watched TV. Mike would push him away and say, “NO!” But Amos was sneaky. He’d wait until Mike was engaged in the TV program, and he’d slowly, inch by inch, creep his way onto Mike’s lap. First a paw, just to test the waters, then another paw, then he’d inch up, light as a feather, until he was comfy and cozy and warm. Mike would unconsciously begin to pet Amos, until he would finally notice that his lovely black pants were covered with white hair!
Grief is just as sneaky. I see it creeping up on me, wanting to take residence again, just as I think I’m doing better. I forcibly tell it “NO!” It backs away and waits until I’m not paying attention. Then it insinuates itself into my dreams, and slides into bed with me, making itself comfy. Then I find that it has taken up residence. Again. I am resigned to letting it stay for awhile.

Published by mygoldenchild

Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

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