Everything Changed

Have you ever heard someone say, “Everything changed when….” or “Nothing was ever the same after….” They usually talk about either some happy event, like getting married, or the birth of a child; but sometimes the life change was not such a happy thing.
There is a change so profound yet invisible to the casual observer. It’s only when we look deeper and dig do we see the changes in someone else. At first, from the outside, it may look like weakness or flakiness. You may say, “Boy, she’s losing it.” But trauma produces a lasting change that the heart, mind and spirit struggle to wrap around it. Mere interruptions or events seem magnified and crushing. Decisions — overwhelming. The comfort of a routine leaves you floating, unmoored in an ocean.
Everything changed when…
Do we love each other enough to go deeper to find the trauma and the changes that are produced? That is my challenge to myself.

Published by mygoldenchild

Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

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