Bald Babies

Some babies are born bald. They come into the world looking like little old men, heads smooth and soft. Some don’t begin to get hair until they are close to two years old! My kids, on the other hand, were born with a full head of hair. They had so much hair that when Bobby was still in the hospital, the nurses spiked his hair into a mohawk. He was so hairy that he actually had fuzzy fur growing on his shoulders and on the tops of his ears! Friends who had bald babies would turn away in embarrassment at the contrast between my little furball and their poor, hairless child.
Because he’s always had such thick hair, it’s been such a shock to see Bobby with absolutely NO HAIR. Not even an eyebrow, eyelash, or stray strand anywhere. Legs, arms, chest; they are smooth as one of those bald babies.
HOWEVER, the last time I saw him, there was just the beginning of a shadow on his dome. I felt like one of the bald babies’ mothers — exhultant that something was finally growing! He reminded me, though, that it probably wouldn’t last. Darn that chemo, anyway!

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Thoughts on grief, loss, and death.

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